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My veneer fell off, just a few days after having it attached

So I chipped my top middle incisors in a skateboarding accident when I was a child. The dentist at the time told me that I would be viable for free veneers on the NHS, when I turned 18. I turned 18 on May 3rd and recently had my veneers fitted.

I had a few problems with my temporary veneers. On the first occasion the right temp fell off whilst I was eating — I returned to the dentist, she apologized and explained that they can be quite troublesome to keep attached, since they’re “not tailored to your teeth”, and she reattached it. I returned home and later that day BOTH of them fell off. I returned to the dentist once again, this time she attached the temps so they hooked around the back of my teeth. After she did this I had no problems (she had a pretty tough time removing them, when it came to fitting the proper veneers, hah).

I had the proper veneers fitted on Monday of this week. Just earlier, I was eating (fajitas — soft food) and my left veneer fell off. I’m returning to the dentist tomorrow to try and get it reattached (something which I’m dreading, because the procedure is pretty painful, due to how sensitive the filed back teeth beneath the veneers are) and I will probably enquire about the same things I’m asking you.

What possible reasons could there be as to why my veneer fell off?
Will this be a regular occurrence?
Who’s fault is this? Mine or the dentist’s?
Was it stupid to go ahead with this procedure?



There is no way the permanent veneer should have fallen off.  It’s just about impossible to get that cement off.  She could have used the temp cement by mistake.  Was a dental assistant helping her?  Maybe the assistant grabbed the wrong stuff and the dentist didn’t notice.  Go back and complain.  She’ll probably have to numb you up if your teeth are so sensitive.


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